boymotavator: When can you get the cotton candy frappuccino from Starbucks? Is it like one of the secret ones that you have to ask for p.s. I ❤️your blog

Thank you so much<333 and sorry Ive been so inactive lately and i am taking forever to respond and if your a boy motavator for real i think that is awesome and i preach that♥ But the cotton candy frappucino is something you have to ask for because it is off the secret menu

Xoxo, Jc

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Cotton candy fraps after church 💕
bethany mota&lt;3

☮BETHANY MOTA♡ 💋 † turned 1 today!
perrieedwardsstyleguru: Do you know what does beth use to edit her instagram pics ?!

Sorry it took like a month to respond but it’s because of school. But i think one of the things she uses is s/t called fuzzle.It is where you pick out templates and stuff like that sorry if that didnt help much love.

Xoxo, Jordiii

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idk why i felt the need to get that image i honestly don&#8217;t i was hungry tho&#8230;Oops o.0 Love you guise bye bye now&lt;3